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Turkey and the European Union - Chances for a common future
Seminar for young people. 4th - 12th of December 2004 in Werftpfuhl (near Berlin), Germany

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this magazin is result of one workshop we offered at the conference.


Turkey and the EU- Since years this has been a topic which has been highly discussed on both sides: Is the EU an exclusive club only for Christians or is Turkey just not ready yet for the EU-enlargement? On both sides facts and figures were exchanged but also a lot of prejudices were used for political information. But how does the real situation look like? What are the chances and what are the risks of an enlargement-process with Turkey? These topics and a lot of other ones linked to the process were discussed on this conference with participants from Turkey, Cyprus (North and South), Poland, the Netherlands, Greece and Germany. Also, the conference aimed at a better understanding of eachother's country. What unifies, what divides Europe and Turkey? Political discussions, workshops about history and culture but also a cultural programme helped to understand the topic from different points of view.


One part of the programme was divided into various workshops dealing with
- Intercultural issues (Identity, religion, intercultural communication)
- Economic problems and chances
- Migration
- Minorities (Kurds, Armenians, Turkish migrants, Alevi)
- Cyprus question
- Religion and state (Human Rights, Democracy, etc.)
A second part of the programme was devoted to project development. Supported by the organizers, participants discussed possible joint projects and started working on their implementation. Additionally, participants could choose to work on a European-Turkish youth magazine where results of the conference could be presented, further topics discussed, etc. It will be published soon and distributed by the participants to reach a broader part of society.
Also a travel day to Berlin was included with free time and space to explore the Turkish-German life in the city.
Free time and a cultural frame programme was also provided.


The project was organized by a cooperation of the following organisations: AEGEE-Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Cultural Group of Women Karpenissi (Greece), dialogue lab and emyb (Germany), Mikuszewo (Poland), the Turkish Youth Union Association (Turkey) and Youth Promoting Peace (Cyprus) with dialogue lab and emyb as the co-ordinating organisations.

This project was financed through the support of the European Commission.
The content of the project does not necessary reflect the point of view of the European Union or the National Agency. They assume no liability.
Moreover, the project was financially supported by Cordaid.